How to become a member

Application for RedETSA Membership

To be accepted as a new member of RedETSA, an institution must meet the following requirements:

1. Express interest in joining RedETSA, through a letter of intent that describes:

  • the work performed in the area of HTA;
  • the number of professionals involved;
  • the principal activities carried out in HTA in the last two years.

In the event the applicant is a ministry or regulatory authority with no prior experience in HTA, the letter should indicate the reasons why the institution is requesting admission to the Network

2. Formally appoint two representatives, one regular and one alternate, to attend meetings, either virtually or in person;

Members of RedETSA may be:

  • Ministries of health, regulatory authorities, public institutions involved in health technology assessment, and institutions responsible for making decisions on the inclusion of technologies in health systems.
  • Nonprofit public and private educational and research institutions that have a minimum of two years’ experience in producing HTA reports and/or conducting research on health decision-making processes.
  • Nonprofit hospitals that have an institutionalized HTA area and have conducted studies on HTA for at least the last two years.
  • World Health Organization Collaborating Centers in the Region, for as long as they maintain that status.
    § 1: Institutions with more than one HTA unit, provided they were formally established, may have more than one member in RedETSA for each unit, as determined by the institution.
    § 2: To be a member of RedETSA, institutions must agree to the provisions of these Regulations.

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