Webinar: Particularities in the evaluation and incorporation of Medical Devices

We are pleased to invite you to the next RedETSA Webinar, Friday, October 13, at 11am, Washington DC time.

Murilo Contó, National Consultant for Health Technology Assessment and Management PAHO / WHO will give a presentation on “Particularities in the evaluation and incorporation of Medical Devices”.

Considering the peculiarities and differences that medical devices possess in relation to other health technologies, the webinar aims to address the main aspects that must be observed when a Health Technology Assessment involves the use of a medical device or equipment, reducing uncertainty in the decision-making process. 

The WebEx link we will use is the following: https://goo.gl/wvhvT2

To access a recording of the event please click here: https://youtu.be/TO-67o1ypbg