The Future of Health Preferences in Regulatory and Clinical Decisions

For those who are interested, Duke will be hosting a “Patient Voice” webinar on Tuesday at 17:00.

This presentation will give an overview of recent advances in health preference research. Specifically, it will show how the estimation of QALYs has evolved to incorporate time preferences; review the potential implication of PDUFA IV for benefit-risk analyses; discuss the importance of perspective in preference research (e.g., patient, societal, etc.); and introduce emerging infrastructure designed to advance support tools in preference-sensitive decisions, promoting clinical relevance. This presentation is for students, clinicians and scientists interested in health preference research and will aid understanding of ongoing research, educational, and policy initiatives as well as the state of the science and practice.

Contact Carolyn Hutyra to attend via WebEX:


CONITEC in Evidence: “Elaboration of Guidelines for Care of the Pregnant Woman”

We would like to inform you that the next video conference of the CONITEC Evidência program will be held on 07/11 (Monday) at 4:00 pm, with the theme “Elaboration of Guidelines for the Care of the Pregnant Woman” to be presented by Dr. João Batista Lima, Hospital Sofia Feldman.

To access CONITEC in Evidence, follow the guidelines below:


The video conference will be broadcast live over the Internet. To watch, go to the link or CLICK HERE and identify the session in the list of events. It is recommended to use the Internet Explorer browser.

To ask questions and make comments during the transmission, send an e-mail to


5 Years of CONITEC


On 5 and 6 December, the event will be held in commemoration of the 5 years of the National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies, Comissão Nacional de Incorporação de Tecnologias no SUS (CONITEC) in Portuguese, In Brasil

The different aspects of the Commission’s activity will be addressed in the scope of incorporation, exclusion or alteration of health technologies, in addition to the elaboration of clinical guidelines. Challenges and processes will be discussed with a view to ensuring a transparent and integrative action .

Deadline for registration: November 10, 2016.

To participate, access the link: e preencha a ficha de inscrição

Attached follows the Event Schedule (only available in Portuguese) 


Conitec in Evidence: “Conitec report: subsidy for decision making”


The next transmission of the Conitec in Evidence will be held on 10/10 (Monday) at 4:00 pm, with the theme “Conitec Report: decision-making grant” to be presented by Dr. Ivan Ricardo Zimmermann.

The instructions for access of participating institutions are as follows:

To connect to the  videoconferencing system

1. Register in Gatekeeper (menu / config / network / h323 / gatekeeper / specify or manual):

2. Dial room ID: 6101

3. Direct external connections dial: Room ID@ (Tandberg, Cisco or Radvision) or ## room (Polycom or Lifesize) or # room # (Sony). The gatekeeper must be disabled for this option

4. The 6130 virtual room is available for connection, testing and tuning.

For problems, email:, or call 61 3315.2143/2017.

The participants of the videoconference should go to the address corresponding to the room from 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the beginning of the meeting.

We recommend that all participants keep the microphones in MUTE while they are not speaking, as is necessary to avoid noise and loss of audio quality during the conference.

  It is important to reinforce to local support technicians the importance of conducting connection testing in advance with Datasus in order to avoid access difficulties on the day of transmission.

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Evaluación regional completa de la efectividad y seguridad de efavirenz combinado con tenofovir y emtricitabina

Evaluación regional completa de la efectividad y seguridad de efavirenz combinado con tenofovir y emtricitabina para el tratamiento de pacientes mayores de 13 años de edad con infección por VIH que no han recibido terapia antirretroviral.

*Available in Spanish Only*

IETS. Colombia.

Technical Cooperation Project.

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